North Campground

Waterfront Campground, RV’s and Rental Cabins


Located on the north side of the Big Qualicum River, and backing on to the Strait of Georgia, the Qualicum First Nation Waterfront Campground, provides basic camping, as well as serviced and non-serviced waterfront and off water recreational vehicle sites.


  • Basic Camping and Basic Waterfront RV sites are assigned on first come first served basis for the season.

  • For Serviced Waterfront, Serviced Off Waterfront, BBQ Shelter, please reserve between May 20th thru Sept. 06th.

  • On the North Campground Map (below), sites 1s – 14s are seasonal recreational sites and are not available for overnight camping


The Qualicum First Nation Waterfront Campground now offers waterfront cabin rentals for your vacationing enjoyment.

Please note:
After the September long weekend, all calls for reservations should use the Administration Office number of 250-757-9337 as the Campground Office has reduced hours for the balance of September.


Basic Camping

$25/per night

$150/per week

$625/per month

First come first served basis for the season.

RV - Basic Waterfront

$30/per night

$180/per week

$750/per month

Please reserve between May 20th thru September 30.


RV - Serviced Off Water

Wi-fi - Water - Electricity

$35/per night

$210/per week

$875/per month

Please reserve between May 20th thru September 30.

RV - Serviced Waterfront

Wi-fi - Water - Electricity

$40/per night

$240/per week

$1000/per month

Please reserve between May 20th thru September 30.


Seasonal Occupancy Rate

Price for 6 months (April 1 to September 30) is currently $2,400 and must be paid in full by April 1 of each year. This price includes taxes and is subject to change.


BBQ Shelter

Please reserve between May 20th thru September 30th.
$50.00 per day without power
$75.00 per day with power


Extra Tent

Per Site $10.00 per night.
Planning a get together with family or friends?
Group Rates are also available for basic sites only for 10 or more sites. Please enquire here.

Qualicum First Nation North Campground Rules and Regulations

May 15 to September 30 of each year


  1. Qualicum First Nation is not responsible for any loss or injury, including injuries that happen on the playground. Please supervise your children at all times.

  2. Please lock all vehicles and campers. QFN is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

  3. The gates will be locked from 9:00pm to 7:00am. Keys are available for a $20.00 deposit at the Campground office.

  4. You must be checked out of your campsite no later than 11:00am on your day of departure

  5. There will be no access to washrooms in campground store building from 8:00pm to 7:00am.

  6. You must be parked straight in to your site, not sideways, or you will be asked to reposition

  7. One tent, trailer, or camping unit is permitted per site. One extra children’s tent per site is permitted for an additional $10.00 fee.

  8. Overflow parking is across from the campground store. If you have extra vehicles please use this area for parking.

  9. There is no group camping in circles.

  10. Do not tie up animals around the store or bathrooms.

  11. Water standpipes in the basic camping areas are for everyone’s use. ABSOLUTELY NO HOOKUPS ARE ALLOWED!

  12. QFN does not provide picnic tables for basic camping. Most serviced sites will have a picnic table.

  13. Open fires are permitted below the highwater mark on the beach, in fire pots, unless a fire ban is in effect. Fires MUST be supervised until fully extinguished. Firewood must be collected from fallen branches, trees, and driftwood. NO cutting of trees is permitted on the campgrounds by anyone other than staff.

  14. Fishing IS NOT permitted in the section of the Big Qualicum River that runs through the Reserve; however, the Big Qualicum Fish Hatchery has designated areas for recreational fishing. Please inquire at their office (250-757-8412) regarding opening and areas. Fishing violations can be reported to the Violations Hotline at 1-800-465-4336.

  15. There is a total closure of gathering shellfish on any beach fronting the Reserve.

  16. Please be respectful of your fellow campers. This includes:

    1. Keeping pets on leashes and cleaning up after them.

    2. Respecting quiet hours between 10pm and 8am

    3. Keeping your campsite tidy and free of garbage and debris, and using dumpsters regularly.

    4. Generator hours are from 10:00am to 2:00pm

  17. Sani-dump fees are included in the camping rates. All RV’s (staying an extended period of time) should have a portable tank to dump regularly in the sani-dump. Dumping anywhere but the sani-dump will result in immediate eviction from the campground with no refund of fees. Please ensure that any skirting around your RV/Motorhome does not obstruct a clear view underneath. Campsite staff will be inspecting regularly for greywater wells.

  18. Please do not hesitate to contact RCMP if needed at 250-248-6111 or 911.

  19. There will be NO mooring of boats in the river. This will result in immediate eviction.

Disclaimer of Liability

  • Qualicum First Nation is not responsible for any loss or injury, including those that may be incurred at or on the playground. Please ensure that your children are properly supervised at all times.

Right of Refusal

  • The Chief and Council of Qualicum First Nation, reserve the right to evict any camper without refund for any violation of the above rules and regulations.

Please forward requests and/or complaints to the Band Council in writing to: 5850 River Road, Qualicum Beach, BC V9K 1